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Ricardo Markin is the founder of Greyhound Creative.

Based in Suffolk, UK and working everywhere.


Aged 22, Suffolk Videographer Ric has already produced filmed content for a wide range of SME's, musicians and brands across East Anglia, including working consistently for Ed Sheeran favoured brand 'HOAX 1994' as well as for the man himself back in 2019.

Ric says, “creating content that helps business reach new clients and tell their business story is what I enjoy".

Having created his new business Greyhound Creative, named in honour of his beloved greyhound, Ric has been working across the region, London and for various brands internationally. He says "the explainer video is something most people will have experienced through their use of social media, it is a quick and simple approach to talk directly to your customer base, we aim to take this to the next level and deliver professionally produced content that is still in the spirit of those explainer videos, fresh, natural delivery that tells the business story but with the added production value."

"It is a huge discipline, the work calendar is slowly beginning to fill as people hear and see my work, the diversity of work is something that makes me jump out of bed, it might be a music video to edit, an exciting motion graphic to produce or filming on location at a business. That diversity sparks creativity and that is what I so love.

As a passionate & creative professional, I believe in putting my skills and innovation at the forefront of my work for all my clients to experience. The end result? Coming up with ideas and projects that really impress, meeting your criteria and going beyond. Do you want to collaborate together on a project? Get in touch today to see what my team and I can do for you."


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Greyhound Creative was set up in April 2020 by Ricardo Markin during the Covid-19 pandemic with a passion to create visually beautiful products that tell your story. This includes producing stunning video content, photographs and engaging motion graphics, working across many sectors including but not limited to; the music industry, creative advertising, education, charity, corporate and theatre. ​Our roster of local talented individuals continues to expand, a big part of getting the job right is selecting the right individuals to work on each job. We are constantly pleased with the efforts and development of our team and we are also very proud of the work experience and volunteering opportunities we have to offer that allow likeminded, creative individuals of all ages to work alongside our professional team on shoots of all kinds. You can find out how to work with us here.

Greyhound Creative has worked with a vast range of clients: from grammy award winning pop stars and giant multinationals to local SME’s, charities and community causes that matter to us here in our home county of Suffolk. Examples of our work include: having worked amongst top class musicians at various festivals and events as well as in a recording studio environment. For example, we created a 5 minute documentary that followed the musicians of world renowned touring band ‘Keane’s’ Jesse Quin and Tim Rice-Oxley as they recorded an album for their project ‘Mt. Desolation’ in December 2021. We have recorded at Latitude, Wild Paths festivals and Sound City Ipswich in recent years with numerous artists, filmed a nation wide tour in search of a support act for Ed Sheeran in a battle of bands competition, as well as filming Ed as he wrote the album ‘=‘ at a world class facility in 2019. This year we had the opportunity to film and interview a wide variety of musicians that included Radio 1’s Nemone, Oasis and Ride guitarist Andy Bell, emerging psychedelic group ‘The Orielles’ and ‘Field Music’ as part of a week long event that celebrates independent venues around the country. We have worked on various campaigns for book publications, including the production of short films showing the creation of billboards for the likes of Penguin Books, Macmillan and Picador Publishers, one of which helped a London Bridge billboard promoting the kids novel ‘Greg The Sausage Roll’ win a national award at the end of 2021. Other works include filming advertising animations being projected onto London landmarks such as Marble Arch and the Tate Modern chimney. In the charity sector, last year we began our relationship with local charity ‘Genesis Orwell Mencap’ as we photographed their day care centre for their most recent brochure and produced a short clip for their website. Other charitable work we have been involved in, includes working with Lapwing Education, producing a short documentary that promoted the personalised learning they do with young individuals that are struggling to get into work. This programme, along with many others is in partnership with Ipswich Community Media whom we have worked with on educational projects surrounding pregnancy in migrant women and capturing the stories of refugees. In education, we began working with Janne Hallinan as she started up her business at the tail end of last year called ‘How2EnjoyWine’. Through using our services, she was able to create a platform where she could educate people about wine and wine pairing. With each video varying in length (typically from 5-20 minutes), the audience can learn about the ways in which wine is to be enjoyed, which in turn, promotes her distribution services and wine tasting sessions and packages. Some of our other educational work includes the film production of Attwell’s Solicitors Property Pod, various ongoing photograph and video projects for local business support agency MENTA.​ ​​ ​ We will be sure to demonstrate the quality of our work and our pride in every project we undertake despite the level and scale of your business and ensure we are the right fit for you. 


Nicholas Pandolfi


Nicholas Pandolfi

"I’ve had the pleasure of working with filmmakers and videographers for some time and I’ve learnt that you need more than a good camera, you need creativity from the person you entrust your project. You want ideas, you want quick turnaround, you want someone who knows current trends and has an eye for the edit, long before they get into the edit suite. I’ve used Ric on a number of projects and he is all this... a smart cookie that has the diversity and ability to work across subjects and messages."


Alicia Durbin

Having done previous collaboration film projects with Ricardo Markin from Greyhound Creative, we have first-hand experience of his professionalism and passion during the filmmaking process whilst also being personable to interviewees. He is also incredibly conscientious, making sure that the editing is done to an excellent spec, consulting regularly and always patient with re-edits.

CYCIT Week 12-12.jpg

Chloe Appleford

Highly recommend Ricardo and Greyhound Creative, absolutely fantastic to work with, and he went above and beyond our expectations with his quality photography and videography services.

Ricardo brought our business to life with photos which we can use on our website and social media for a long time to come, and he showed compassion and patience when working with the adults and young people with learning disabilities that we support at Genesis Orwell Mencap.

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Charlie Hudson

"Working with Greyhound Creative across social media asset creation has been a game changer for me. The pre-designed and tailored shoots allow me to post high quality material multiple times a week, which is vital when building a social media following. In the past I would struggle to find assets to post which massively hindered progress. Ricardo provides high quality work efficiently and for a price that is sympathetic to up and coming artists."