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Charlie Hudson: (Debut Single Campaign): "Adore You"

Updated: May 11

We've been working with emerging singer songwriter Charlie Hudson over the past few months, planning and actioning a campaign strategy for his first single release 'Adore You'. Alongside crafting imagery to populate his social media, advertising the project, we produced a music video as well as a series of trailers to accompany it.

Examples of imagery created and used across the campaign:

Above: Two of the many lifestyle images we worked on with Charlie to promote the single.

Above: An example of the usage and performance of imagery created by Greyhound Creative.

Trailer One: 12 days before release.

This trailer was tailored to give people a taste of the opening line of the single, leaking visual elements that appear in the complete video and ultimately creating excitement for the upcoming release date - whilst not giving too much away.

Below: Two of the five trailers tailored for Instagram/Facebook stories and Facebook/Instagram adverts, footage and audio hand picked from the completed music video.

Advert 1/5: 1080 x 1920 (9:16) - used for Instagram/Facebook Story Adverts leading up to and after release of the single.

Advert 1/5: Landscape: 1920 x 1080 (16:9) for Instagram & Facebook advert use (appearing in news feeds).

Reformatting and utilising the same video material in as many ways as possible is crucial to social media marketing and cutting costs for artists and brands.

Complete Music Video:

Filmed across two days in Suffolk in December 2020.

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