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March 21 Round-up

Updated: Jan 26

As we prepare ourselves for better weather and the easing of coronavirus restrictions in April, we look back on this past month of March. Here are some of the things we have achieved:

The creation of video content for Screen Excellence Ltd showing off their 'TAM 2 TB' and 'TAM 2 L" products as well as conducting a test for their newest range of audio equipment - with the videos to be developed at a later date.

Product photography for a new range of hair products from an award winning Suffolk hairdressers/barbers. These are to be released in April alongside the reopening of the beauty industry on the 12th of April. These images were specifically tailored for their website and various digital campaigns across social media.

[More pictures to follow upon product release on the 12th of this month.]

Video creation for Crowd Pleaser Merch, describing the nature of their services with a case study featuring local artist and skateboarder Benny Brown - to be released soon.

Creation of and editing various video content for MENTA, including the start of a series entitled 'MENTA 90', a monthly news roundup for business support agency MENTA featuring Nicholas Pandolfi. Other work consisted of an animated piece for their Facebook & Instagram live streams, as well as editing footage and audio for their new education platform.

[MENTA 90, animated, filmed and edited by us at GC].

Continued campaign for Charlie Hudson including the creation of a music video, lyric visualiser and lifestyle photoshoot.

[A snippet of the music video we filmed on location at Rendlesham]

Video editing for Solkraft Direkt, solar panel consultants based in Sweden. Here is one of the videos edited by Greyhound Creative for SD last month and filmed by Johan Grimberg on behalf of Solkraft Direkt.

[Footage: Johan Grimberg, on behalf of Solkraft Direkt]

We filmed a live session with Joe G as he covered the song 'And So It Goes' by Billy Joel to be released soon.

Finally, GC's new video showreel for 2021:

Alongside all of these wonderful projects, a vital refresh to our website and our new business cards have arrived ready for networking as coronavirus measures ease off. We thank you for using our services so far this year and we look forward to a busy April with so much already in the works including digital content support for SMEs, ongoing and new music projects and a wedding film project towards the end of the month.

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