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May 21 Round-up

This is the Greyhound Creative roundup for May 2021! Listed below is the range of projects we got involved with during the last 31 days.

We took a trip to help out our friend Giampaolo Cabras of the Pizza Loft with some imagery and video content for his restaurant on Bixley Drive. We filmed him as he carefully crafted a pizza and took pictures as he set up for the evening.

[@Greyhound Creative: Instagram: "Have you ever wondered what goes into making a pizza from scratch? Yesterday we met up with Giampaolo Cabras at the Pizza Loft of Bixley Drive in Ipswich to film him cooking us lunch.

Although I was gutted that he didn’t want to be interviewed for the film, as you can see, Giampaolo’s passion shines through in the detail and care he puts into every pizza!"]

[Fresh tiramisu, one of the ways Paolo brings his Italian heritage into this rustic restaurant situated on the outskirts of Ipswich.]

Social Media Support: Sew Much To Do

Early into this month, we began with a new, Suffolk based client 'Sew Much To Do' (a.k.a Lesley and her fantastic team) to support them in setting up a solid structure for their social media platforms. This has come off of the back of SMTD setting up their website during the COVID pandemic. SMTD are a series of shops that sell fabrics, yarn, haberdashery, knitting & crochet supplies, offer workshops and more in the heart of Ely and Bury St Edmunds.

One of the ways in which we have helped SMTD is through setting up their Facebook shop, verifying their domain as well as publishing their Facebook Pixel. This has many advantages, firstly, we taught Lesley and the team how to successfully tag their products in Facebook & Instagram posts, meaning that their customer is one click away from adding the item to their basket. Secondly, Facebook Pixel is an extremely helpful tool that learns about the type of customer visiting your page, helping digital marketers to effectively target advertisements. As well as initial support and page building, we are offering SMTD constant consultancy by overlooking social media operations and answering any queries Lesley or her team may have. SMTD have lots of fantastic content available to them, we are also editing pictures and videos for them and making sure the captions that they write best fit and are effective in increasing their sales.

Gabby Rivers at Decoy Studios

We produced content for Suffolk based singer songwriter Gabby Rivers as she went to record some new music at Decoy Studios in Melton, Suffolk. This included a series of photographs like the one above, the video below as well as more video content that will be released in the near future.

Inc: Co-working in Bury St Edmunds, Advertisement

Advertisement for a brand new co-working space in Bury St Edmunds "Inc", featuring co-worker Charlie as he goes about his working day - to be released in June.

Maddy Bird: Snape Maltings & Aldeburgh

We went to meet up with Maddy to photograph her with the stunning backdrops of Aldeburgh seafront and Snape Maltings. See more below!

MENTA 60: May

We filmed marketing manager Nick Pandolfi of Suffolk business support group MENTA, as he discusses all things coming up for them in the next month outside of their latest co-working space Inc.

EJ Chubz: On My Own Official Music Video

Official Music Video for hip hop artist Ej Chubz, created by us earlier this month.

Alongside all of this exciting content we have produced in May, we have been storyboarding video content to be completed in June, creating plans to help businesses enhance their digital presence as well as editing video content for our ongoing clients - such as Swedish solar panel consultants 'Solkraft Direkt' and Suffolk's 'That's Brave' agency keeping us extra busy.

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