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Greyhound Creative: March 22 round-up

We are delighted to welcome the spring with some new additions to the Greyhound Creative team as well as with some exciting new equipment. Here is what we have been up to throughout the month of March!

Holi Festival: University of Essex

We went down to the University of Essex earlier this month to film the Student Unions' Holi Festival or 'Festival of Colour', as over six hundred students got involved in the event. We created and delivered two versions to the UoE Students Union, one shorter for social media and one longer, more in depth version as can be seen below:

Produced and edited by Greyhound Creative

Shot on behalf of Greyhound Creative by Ricardo Markin, Kyle O'Donnell and Joe Nial

Keith Sadler Live at The Smokehouse:

We filmed a live set for Suffolk singer-songwriter Keith Sadler as he performed a private show for friends and family at the Smokehouse in Ipswich. The full 45 minute set was recorded and edited by Greyhound Creative and will be released later this month.

Jack arts 'School for Good Mothers' video production & photo shoot, Piccadilly Circus:

[The stunt for the new novel was photographed by GC for creative advertising specialists Jack Arts.]

SoRo Studio, Marketing Agency Brand Video:

We filmed a brand video for 360° marketing agency SoRo Studio as we visited their various clients based around Suffolk, these include Blunt Fabrications in Manningtree as well as Studio Flex & Mizu with locations based in Ipswich.

CAN I CIC IT? Music industry talks x 4:

As part of a fourteen week project, this month Greyhound Creative filmed and photographed four x CAN I CIC IT? talks with various music industry experts.

Here is an image from week two of fourteen at the Baths in Ipswich of the talk in progress with a member of the Ivors academy.

JackArts: Farringdon Road 'Guilty' stunt for Sarah Vaughan's latest novel, 'Reputation':

We travelled down to London to film a stunt for creative advertising experts Jack Arts as they created this billboard stunt to promote Sarah Vaughan's latest novel 'Reputation'.

'My Self(fish) Gallery' Showcase by SOPHIE:

We filmed an exhibition put on by Suffolk based artist SOPHIE at Ballroom Arts in Aldeburgh. During this exhibition, she hosted a live performance piece with a therapist and spoke of the birthing of her art & together we are still working on the video that will be released later this month.

Attwells Property Pod:

This month, we filmed our third session for Attwells Solicitors in Ipswich as Elizabeth Hendry presented the Property Pod with two special guests that included Jamie from IP12 Lettings and Jo from the Attwells marketing team.

The podcasts are set to be released in May 2022.


We filmed another monthly episode of 'MENTA 60' for the Bury St Edmunds based business support agency featuring marketing manager Nicholas Pandolfi as he covered self employment in under 60 seconds by the Tide Mill in Woodbridge. In order to make this episode more engaging for social media, we included bespoke motion graphics laid over the pretty footage of the mill that included brilliant client testimonials.

The Jacques live at Hoxton Hall:

We filmed London based band 'The Jacques' as they performed an hour live show at Hoxton Hall last month to celebrate their new album. In order to film this event we had four camera operators situated around the venue in order to capture the entire gig. Video coming soon.

Capsule Marketing Video Support:

Ongoing camera operation and video editing for Colchester based 360° marketing agency Capsule Marketing.

As well as all of the above, we updated our show reel for April 2022, invested in a new microphone (the Rode NTG 3), in order to improve our productions and had a new fleet of Greyhound Creative branded clothing for our staff made by Suffolk based printers/embroiderers 'Eco Tee Prints'.

Thanks to all of our clients this month who have kept us very busy, we are looking forward to a jam packed April.


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