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@ Inc. Co-Working Space: Campaign

Updated: May 11

Greyhound Creative won the bid to photograph, produce a video and design the main webpage for a brand new, trendy co-working space in the heart of the historic town of Bury St Edmunds, called "@ Inc."

Video Advertisements:

One of two versions of a video advert produced by GC for Inc. featuring a VoiceOver with MENTA CEO Alex Till (the other version shortened without VoiceOver for social media and used as adverts for Facebook Live):

Examples of the photography, taken of the space in the heart of Bury St Edmunds.

[The conference room at @ Inc. photographed by Greyhound Creative]

[This is the Cover image used for the @ Inc. Video that is embedded onto their brand new webpage.]


In the pitch, we focused on some of the key elements that were important to sell this co-working space, as well as taking inspiration from webpages that feature similar content.

Below are the original design notes for the top part of the @ Inc. home webpage, implementing the creation of the videos & photos onto a sleek home page that is attracting clients to their new space:

We focused on keeping a strong emphasis on brand guidelines for this project, reflecting the quirky details of Inc. whilst merging the style of MENTA and being consistent with the rest of the website.

We created bespoke assets for the webpage, including an annotated map of Bury St Edmunds indicating the central location of the co-working space, a collage of images of the space and bespoke buttons for navigation.

The webpage, alongside the video & imagery we produced for @ Inc. can be found by clicking here.

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