Creators of beautiful and engaging visual content.

At Greyhound Creative we create stunning video content for our clients.
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Aged 22, Ric has already produced filmed and photographical content for a wide range of SME's, musicians and brands across East Anglia. This includes working consistently for Ed Sheeran favoured brand 'HOAX 1994' as well as for the star himself. Ric says, “creating content that helps businesses reach new clients and tell their story is what I enjoy".


"As a passionate & creative professional, I believe in putting my skills and innovation at the forefront of my work for all my clients to experience. This results in coming up with ideas and working on projects that really impress, meeting your criteria and going beyond."

Greyhound Creative was set up with a passion to create beautiful products to amaze our clients with. Taking inspiration from the client's original brief and turning it into something that's visually stunning, GC thrives to smash expectations. Set up in Suffolk, our video, photo & motion graphic services are affordable for any business to improve their presence online.

Greyhound Creative has worked with a vast range of clients: from grammy award winning pop stars to local SME's, no matter the job or client, we will be sure to demonstrate the quality of our work and our brilliant work ethic in every project we embark on.

Let's work together on making your project work for you, get in touch here.


Ricardo Markin is the founder of Greyhound Creative.

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Greyhound Creative: Ricardo Markin filming on set in Shotley, Suffolk

"I’ve had the pleasure of working with filmmakers and videographers for some time and I’ve learnt that you need more than a good camera, you need creativity from the person you entrust your project. You want ideas, you want quick turnaround, you want someone who knows current trends and has an eye for the edit, long before they get into the edit suite. I’ve used Ric on a number of projects and he is all this... a smart cookie that has the diversity and ability to work across subjects and messages."

Nicholas Pandolfi

past and present cliental include:

We designed a presentation for the NEN. This included logo animation & video editing.
The logo for long term client MENTA Business, we have helped them with many commercial videos.
We produce video content for this Suffolk based company, showing off the details of their products.
We designed and built an engaging motion graphic for this client to promote one of their programmes.
Work for Ed Sheeran in October 2018 at Decoy Studios. Photography & Video.
HOAX 1994 Logo, one of our long lasting clients.
Video edited content for Ipswich based agency That's Brave.
We worked with this client, managing and curating a digital campaign for their merchandise.
Speedway Grand Prix Logo: Past and Present cliental.
We edit drone footage for Swedish Solar Panel consultants 'Solkraft Direkt'. A long lasting client.
Videography work completed by Greyhound Creative for London agency BuildHollywood.
Social media work completed by Greyhound Creative for Haydn Evans consultans in Suffolk.
Videography work completed by Greyhound Creative for Ipswich's premier dance club 'Lait Dance Club'

Based in Ipswich, Suffolk and working everywhere.