Ricardo Markin is the founder of Greyhound Creative. 

Aged 21, Ric has already produced filmed content for a wide range of SME's, musicians and brands across East Anglia, including working consistently for Ed Sheeran favoured brand 'HOAX 1994' as well as for the man himself.


Ric says, “creating content that helps business reach new clients and tell their business story is what I enjoy".

Having created his new business Greyhound Creative, named in honour of his beloved greyhound, Ric has been working with SMEs across the region. He says "the explainer video is something most people will have experienced through their use of social media, it is a quick and simple approach to talk directly to your customer base, we aim to take this to the next level and deliver professional produced content that is still in the spirit of those explainer videos, fresh, natural delivery that tells the business story but with the added production value”.

"It is a huge discipline, the work calendar is slowly beginning to fill as people hear and see my work, the diversity of work is something that makes me jump out of bed, it might be a music video to edit, an exciting motion graphic to produce or filming on location at a business. That diversity sparks creativity and that is what I so love.”

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past and present cliental include:


"I’ve had the pleasure of working with filmmakers and videographers for some time and I’ve learnt that you need more than a good camera, you need creativity from the person you entrust your project. You want ideas, you want quick turnaround, you want someone who knows current trends and has an eye for the edit, long before they get into the edit suite. I’ve used Ric on a number of projects and he is all this... a smart cookie that has the diversity and ability to work across subjects and messages."

Nicholas Pandolfi

"Ricardo has helped create a content package for my social media presence that includes photos, animations as well as marketing and promotion advice and as a result, my life as an artist has been made easier. Ricardo's work ethic and skills are second to none. He is relentless when providing the highest quality assets in service of your brand. It’s always inspiring working with him because of his passion for his job. He consistently offers a fun working atmosphere and a service of the highest standard at affordable prices for all."​

Joe Gibbings

"Highly passionate about every project we've worked on together so far - Ric goes the extra mile to make your vision become a reality, from initial ideas to perfecting the final product."

Clare Lowe

"Working with Greyhound Creative across social media asset creation has been a game changer for me. The pre-designed and tailored shoots allow me to post high quality material multiple times a week, which is vital when building a social media following. In the past I would struggle to find assets to post which massively hindered progress. Ricardo provides high quality work efficiently and for a price that is sympathetic to up and coming artists."

Charlie Hudson

"Thanks again Ric. Great experience and an even better outcome. I have just been sharing the video on my social media accounts and have received some excellent feedback. You're amazing."

Justin Ballantyne

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Based in Ipswich, Suffolk and working everywhere.