Graphic Design

We provide various design and branding services for businesses of all sizes. 

Thanks to our specialist in-house team of design professionals, we can work with you on achieving your branding and design needs. We will tailor graphics for your business, creating strong and unique branding that enables you to stand out in a crowded marketplace, leaving a long lasting impression on your audience.

Logo designed by Greyhound Creative for Felix Todd Chess Venture. Round design features Felix riding a Chess piece and holding a pen.

What We Can Do For You

Our range of branding services suit businesses at every stage of their growth. This is because our team of designers have all of the experience and know how to bring life to your brand; focusing on purpose, consistency and style.

We can create what is at the core of your business: your logo BUT your brand identity is much more than this. We have the team and facilities to develop your brand’s tone of voice, design your social media posts, assist with print marketing, create your website and more.

We can build on your existing brand or give it a fresh and unique identity through a complete overhaul.

Our branding services are sure to leave a long lasting impression that engage your audience and build recognition & trust


Perfect for start-ups or brands that need a visual refresh, Greyhound’s branding services are centred around developing or building upon your business’s identity. 

Our branding packages will help to set the tone of voice, purpose and style of your brand throughout your marketing, both online and in print. After all, consistency is key to build your brand’s recognition & trust.

General Design

Our general design services include creating business cards, flyers, adverts, banners, posters, web pages and more.

We will tailor these graphics to fit in as an extension of your existing brand or as part of our branding packages.

Art & Illustration

Looking for something artistic and illustrative for your project? 

At Greyhound we are also able to produce art and illustrations ranging from abstract works to cartoon drawings for your business or project. These bespoke pieces of art can lend themselves particularly well for website and social media use.

Motion Graphics

Aside from static designs, we are able to produce animated graphics to capture your audience’s attention.

 This entails forms of media such as kinetic typography, character animation, GIF creation and more. 

These animation shorts are perfect for use within email newsletters, website openers and grabbing your audiences’ attention on social media.

Our Services

Check out our over services ranging from branding to professional video production.

Video Production

Professional and high quality video production for projects of all shapes and sizes.


Sharp and detailed photography for capturing all kinds of moments in the best of light.

Web Design

Responsive and modern web design for all types of websites and businesses.