Tune Up

An in-depth look at the creative process behind youth music program, Tune Up’s logo design and branding. 

The Brand

In mid August 2023, the friendly team at Brighten The Corners – a live music promotion company for regular gigs across Ipswich venues as well as an annual multi-venue festival in Ipswich – got in touch in regards to the branding around their music industry based youth program, Tune Up.

Tune Up is a live music events course for 16-25 year olds teaching skills and knowledge in production, programming, marketing and event management.

The Brief

Our brief consisted of designing a logo for Tune Up, a flyer to promote the event and an animated reel for Meta social platforms.

The client wanted to go for a modern design utilising a two tone colour palette based off other music charity groups such as More Volume and Soundcheck. They ideally wanted the colours to be youthful and inclusive with the branding being developed keeping these keywords in mind.

The Process

To begin the project, we picked a few fonts that we thought would suit the brief provided and what would fit with Brighten The Corners current branding.

The fonts that were picked were all sans serif and quite modernistic in style, ranging in varieties of boldness.

For the first concepts, we played around with the boldest font choice of the lot, toying with imagery of arrows going upward as wordplay with the name Tune Up.

For the next concepts, we experimented with a slightly lighter, more open font following the same trajectory of using the arrow symbolism. Simple in design, we aligned the text slightly offset as one column to connect the ‘U’ and ‘T’ together, stretching the left stem of the letter ‘U’ to create an arrow, justifying the design.