2023 Round-Up Blog

In order to cap off 2023, Greyhound Creative member Esme Lee-Scott asked director Ricardo Markin some questions about their progress in 2023.

In order to cap off 2023, Greyhound Creative’s Social Media Manager Esme asked director Ric some questions about the Creative Agencies progress in 2023. 

  • Who are Greyhound Creative? Tell us about the team!

Greyhound Creative is an agency that offers a whole range of services including video production, graphic design, website development, photography and social media management. Our wonderful team consists of members both permanent and freelance, all crucial to the work we deliver day in and day out. 

Our permanent team is made up of myself, Leon (Graphic & Web Design), Ash (Video Editor), and our latest addition: Esme who is in charge of our social media accounts as well as our clients’. The team is evenly spread out across Suffolk and we frequently use freelancers throughout East Anglia and London to assist with our larger video production projects. 

  • How has Greyhound Creative grown over the year? Have there been any changes?

2023 saw the launch of our sister brand, Greyhound Studios. Greyhound Studios is a video editing/motion graphic creation platform that we began in order to support start-ups and businesses with less resources, adding value to their digital presence without breaking the bank. Along with the success of Greyhound Studios, this year has also seen the addition of Ash, our video editor, and our latest member of the team, Esme. The introduction of Esme has been very exciting as she is working with us to aid our internal social media strategy and working with our clients on ongoing social media support. In October, we took on a bigger office space that works also as a video production and podcast studio. This was completed and opened for use earlier in December and is available for hire now! Come and see us in the heart of Suffolk. 

  • How many clients have you worked with in 2023?

We have proudly worked with over 100 different clients in 2023. This has ranged from completing rebrands from start to finish, photographing people, events and product ranges, producing brand videos, completing website overhauls, managing social media accounts and much more. Some of our biggest clients in 2023 have included ground breaking start-ups such as Fussy, Surreal and Candy Kittens, as well as musicians Lia Marie Johnson, Ed Sheeran and Passenger. We are very proud of the work we have delivered over the past twelve months for businesses and artists globally.

  • Tell us about your proudest achievements of 2023!

The teams continued progress has been so great to see in 2023 and is one of my favourite things about running this business. Our latest website build, for Suffolk based company ‘Navigator Travel’ is fantastic and may be our best yet. The Candy Kittens x Surreal shoot was also a proud moment, especially as the photographs we worked on ended up as billboards appearing across London. Our photography work with Charity: Water also starred in the Evening Standard’s ‘Best Photos of the Day from around the world’ section. Ash is consistently producing top end post production and meanwhile, Esme is really fitting in and providing a much needed element to the team. In March, I travelled to Staffordshire and worked on a farm with a blacksmith, shooting a 30 minute documentary about repairing an ancient viking knife. This was also an experience I won’t forget!

Image of vibrantly designed billboard displaying a picture of a champagne bottle, cereal in a glass and a cereal box.
Photoshoot and editing for Candy Kittens x Surreal displayed across London on billboards.
Image of a group dressed in abstractly designed outfits holding jerry cans in an urban street.
Image for Charity: Water featuring in the Evening Standard's 'Best Photos of the Day From Around The World'.
  • What does Greyhound Creative bring to the Suffolk creative scene?

What’s really exciting is increasingly having the ability to support creatives who are interested in what we do by giving them experience in a professional setting. In 2023 we have continued to offer students of the local University and youth groups the opportunity to work with us on projects and we are constantly impressed by the talent and drive they display. This year we have also supported local indie musicians and artists who may not have the resources that others would to create content by subsiding costs to suit their budget. Our young team is very creative, with both Leon and Esme being brilliant musicians in their own right. Greyhound Creative allows them the ability to work flexibly and around their super cool and busy schedules, writing music, recording and performing. 

You can check out Leon O’Leary and Esme Emerson here:




  • Tell us a highlight and a lowlight of the Greyhound Creative journey this year? 

For me personally, having the ability to go to the US for a while between June/July whilst working remotely.  Me and my buddy Jamie travelled a total of 4,000 miles from East to mid West (and back again) to see the Dead & Company gig in Boulder, Colorado on the 1st July 2023.

The lowlight can be attributed to the van we purchased in January to help us with carrying equipment on our video jobs. It broke in April, was fixed in August and then broke in August again thanks to a blown head gasket.

Man in a sunny, treed environment pointing to the camera whilst holding a water bottle.
Picture of Ric during his road trip in the USA.
Van with blown head gasket on a road.
Picture of the van that had blown its head gasket.

And now, some quick fires!

  • What was your favourite film of the year?

It didn’t come out this year but I have recently watched all of the planet of the apes films for the first time. It is amazing how far technology has come but the older ones are still worth a watch!

  • Favourite character in POTA?

Bad Ape.

  • Go-to coffee order?

Single espresso, keeping it in line with my Italian heritage. 

  • What got you into video production?

Skateboarding with friends as a teenager! It all can be owed to my friend Mills who tragically passed in 2017.

  • A camera you’d recommend for beginners in video production?

Sony, Canon and Panasonic all make some terrific lower end ‘budget friendly’ video cameras, anything that allows you to make creative choices when it comes to exposure, depth of field, framing and make you consider pre & post production. 

Any hobbies we should know about?

As sad as it may sound… this year me and my partner have been really keen on bird watching, it goes hand in hand with walking the dogs and the countryside we are so fond of in East Suffolk. We also go to various hides and sit for hours. 

  • Favourite bird?

Tough one – in Suffolk, it’d have to be herons, kites and the osprey. I was really impressed by the brown pelicans in Tybee Island in Georgia back in July – anything with a long beak is pretty swick. 

  • Memorable trend of the year?

I don’t think I could name one let alone have a favourite. Sorry Esme. 

  • How’s John?

John is great thanks. He is now seven and a half years old which makes him about 53 in human years and is getting greyer by the day. We did have some drama involving a lost tooth recently but he’s mended well and is excited for his Christmas turkey. Our friend Adam Riches done a wonderful painting of him earlier in the year, we love it.

Painting of a greyhound's head.
Painting of Ricardo's dog, John the greyhound by Adam Riches.
  • And finally, whats next for Greyhound Creative?


A well deserved break between Christmas and the New Year will allow us to refresh and return to business as usual in 2024 with a spring in our step. Family, friends and alcohol are all on the agenda for the next few days. Looking further ahead to 2024, we have goals far beyond what we have achieved in the last twelve months, looking to grow and deliver bigger and better than ever before. 

As usual, a huge thanks to everyone that has supported us over the past twelve months, we hope to continue working with you in the New Year and wish you a very Merry Christmas.