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Welcome to Suffolk’s Creative Agency, Greyhound Creative. 

What can a Creative Agency do?

Well… our team can take your project from just your initial brief and wildest inspiration to producing all of the visual and technical aspects you need to give your business a strong presence online and in print. With our track record of delivering award winning projects; we are able to create your logo, your website, your branding as well as setting-up your social media, producing your teams headshots, photographing your spaces and your services, creating quirky video content and assisting with everything in between using our skilled network. 

As a result of expanding our team beyond what was originally a dedicated video production company, we now offer professional website development as well as beautiful and engaging graphic design and photography services, which now includes the use of a well equipped photography studio here in our county home, Suffolk at the Old Jet Creative Hub.

Introducing Graphic Design to Greyhound Creative. 

Quality branding enables you to stand out from your competitors. Consistent and effective branding will help your customer recognition; gain you credibility, will attract talent, allow you to stay ahead of your competitors as well as being host to a range of other benefits that make branding an obvious investment. Our design team will take your project from concept to final delivery, producing beautifully inspired designs to fit your brief. 

From business cards to a full re-brand, our team is fantastically creative and highly skilled to present a whole range of products you can be proud of. 

You can find our graphic design offering here. 

Introducing Website Development to Greyhound Creative.

What better way to establish credibility and gain trust then by having a website that reflects the professionalism and character of your business. From initial design to creating, publishing and even managing, Greyhound Creative’s team of website design experts will blow you away with their ability to present every detail about what makes your business stand out on a fully operational and beautiful site where nothing is impossible to achieve. We can also assist with SEO (search engine optimisation) and website management.

As with all of our services, we have a dedicated page that can be found here so you can find out why you should choose us for website development.

Video Production at Greyhound Creative

Video production is our flagship service and is lead by our director Ricardo as a result of his vast experience in the field. You can read all about the benefits of video production in our last blog post here, or talk to any marketeer about the importance of introducing and sustaining a good amount of video content for your business as a result of the way audiences consume media online in this digital age. Our ever growing list of industry standard equipment enables us to do so much with video content that will benefit your business, including creating films of training courses, explainer videos, product demos, performance showcases, event capture, customer testimonials and more. 

As mentioned in our last blog: 

‘As part of our mission to deliver outstanding video content, we aim to achieve at least one of the following: 

    • Secure Funding

    • Attract Sales 

    • Gain Traffic

    • Improve Creditability

    • Develop Trust

    • Build Understanding of Your Brand/Product/Service

    • Boost SEO

‘Video content can improve your websites search engine optimisation, can help you to gain more traction on social media, improve your businesses’ credibility and develop trust with your customers. It can be used as a method of securing funding and to promote events as well as being used to sell products.’

You can see our video production portfolio here.

Photography at Greyhound Creative

We believe that the use of all of our services are crucial for a business to flourish and having stunning imagery that represents and is individual to your business is no different. Alongside its many uses with today’s social media boom, websites with professional images receive over 90% more views than those without. Although digital media is dominant in 2022, print advertising is still a viable tactic and should not be overlooked. With professional photography, you are able to make use of all of these avenues by re-purposes your images for each use, both digital and for more traditional paper products.

We are able to create images of your service in action, photograph your team doing what they do best, photograph an event or a performance or make use of our drones ability to photograph up to 500m in the sky, the options are limitless.

Check out the large list of photography jobs we have completed here.

Introducing Drone Operation to Greyhound Creative.

Last but not least, using state of the art technology, Greyhound Creative offers both still image and video drone services to lift your business up above the ground. Drone operation is our companies latest offering but far from our least impressive. Using our drone service and our trusted pilots, you can capture your performance, your event or your service way up in the air. Check out our past drone content here. 

If you would like to discuss any of the services that Greyhound Creative can assist you and your business with, please get in contact here. 

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