How Can Video Production Benefit Your Business?

Video production of a lady on a stage talking.

Increasingly, content marketers use video content as part of their digital marketing strategy. This is due to its recent surge in popularity across social media platforms online and the way we consume user-generated content. Video content can improve your websites search engine optimisation, can help you to gain more traction on social media, improve your businesses’ credibility and develop trust with your customers. It can be used as a method of securing funding and to promote events as well as being used to sell products. 

Here are some statistics to show the importance of video production in 2022:

* It is estimated that 3.5 billion internet users will consume video content in 2023.

* 82% of global traffic internet traffic in 2022 will come from video.

AND it shows, you only have to look at the success of the TikTok platform over the past few years since its launch as well as Instagram’s latest push for users to create video content (reels) in order to see how video can improve the presence of your business online and generate traffic.

* 88% (almost 9 out of 10) of Video Marketers Are Satisfied With the ROI on Their Video Marketing

* 78% of Marketing Professionals Say Videos Helped To Increase Sales 

 [Stats: The Social Shephard]

* Almost 93% of brands say they got new customers due to the videos posted on their social media accounts. 

* If used correctly, it will improve your websites SEO, improving how high you rank on search engines.  

* Those that watch video content retain 95% of what they saw, versus only 10% of information retained for those that read text only content (perhaps we should have made this a video blog!).                                                                        

So how can I utilise video content for my business?

There are a number of ways you can create video content to promote your brand, here are just a few ideas…

Training Course

Perfect as an in-house piece delivered to staff; for consumers, giving them advice on how to use a product or for educational purposes to a wider audience. Examples include our work with a business support agency (MENTA), funded by government programmes, we produce educational video content that aids the owners of new SME’s in East Anglia. During lockdown, in-house training was rife as it allowed business owners to effectively communicate with their staff when it wasn’t possible to do so in person.

Explainer Video

The most engaging way of explaining your mission to a mass audience. This type of video is commonly placed on the home page of a brands website and can be used as a paid advertisement on social media to entice new leads. Examples include our work with Genesis Orwell Mencap as we filmed the CEO explain the day care services the charity can provide to their clients.

Product Demo

Show off the features of your new product with a sharp and dynamic moving image piece.
Examples include our work with The Soapery, promoting their natural range of ingredients that leads to the consumer creating fresh smelling hand made soap.

Performance Showcase

Often we produce films of performances to promote future dates of the performance to potential ticket buyers, we also produce these films to attract funding. Examples include our work with BrittenPears Arts at Snape Maltings, working on operatic residencies that aim to get booked in theatres across the nation. We also have worked with Brighten The Corners Festival (formerly SoundCity Ipswich) to promote the festival and attract potential future funding.

Event Capture

Summarise your event/exhibition by having a short round up clip produced (under 60 seconds). Often this can be more important than the event itself as it may reach a wider audience and is also fantastic for a companies archive. We film many kinds of events, from shop openings to corporate dinners, we have you covered.

Customer Testimonial

By utilising one of your customers past experience with your service or product, you can create customer testimonial content. This is very useful for encouraging like-minded consumers to put trust into your product/service – just make sure it is good feedback that they are meaning to share.

As part of our mission to deliver outstanding video content, we aim to achieve at least one of the following: 

  • Secure Funding
  • Attract Sales 
  • Gain Traffic
  • Improve Creditability
  • Develop Trust
  • Build Understanding of Your Brand/Product/Service
  • Boost SEO


Making the most of your video content:

In order to get your moneys worth, it is essential that the correct attention goes into producing video content both before and after the process is complete. Taking time to curate content, with a purpose and the brand in mind is key to the success of the production. After the video has been finalised, utilising all of the potential avenues for customers to engage with the content. For example, more than 82% of Twitter users watch video content, with Facebook rewarding users for posting video content by increasing their engagement and reach by 33%, the stats for users that share video content is also astounding, with video content amassing 1200% more shares than photo and text content combined. Embedding the media into a monthly email newsletter (causing an increase of 200-300% in click-through rates), placing it in a tender or putting in on your website.

Greyhound Creative is a Creative Media Agency that is passionate about Video Production, Photography, Graphic and Web Design, we have worked with over one hundred clients across the world since our founding in April 2020 and our team continues to deliver. Greyhound Creative was recently nominated a finalist for a business award that is to be announced at the end of this month and has worked on award winning campaigns. If you wish to discuss how we can develop your brand through the bespoke production of video, please email or fill out the enquiry form on our contact page.

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